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Bob's Blog

Fall and Winter trends!!

by Bob Spino on 09/08/15

Fall trends from boho curls, low profile ponies, to updated version of a french twist are long hairs latest looks. There is also a big 70s influence with deep side parts (of course either side) on pretty much all lengths. 

Change of season..Time to freshen up your shoulder length hair with long layers, with extra focus on the front and adding texture lightly scattered on the sides and back. Also, flipping out those scattered edges giving it that fifties vibe, in a subtle more modern look. 
Blunt cut bobs with deep side parts give the hair an asymmetrical look. 
Also remember, you can add the boho beach look (sure to get noticed) with bobs and lobs its always an option with  light texture, romantic waves, and fringy edges. Short haircuts from the sophisticated smooth sleek look to the more edgy textured spiky fringy dramatic look!!!!!! After a summer of sun,fun and lots of hi-lites fall suggests warmth. Tone down those hi-lites with some soft low-lite or reverse Ombre, To a total color transformation, using a warm brunette color. Tone and depth depending on eye color and skin tone. 
Bangs always can be incorporated into any of these looks. 
Mens hairstyles.. always the classics. side parts, the pompadour, high and tight, fades and skin fades. All of these looks can be updated and personalized with different lengths, texture, hard parts, high swept, disconnected, slicked back looks, and much more. 
Stop in and we'll talk!

New Location for Hair Stage 5

by Bob Spino on 07/10/13

All of us here at Hair Stage 5 are excited about our new location.  Everyone has worked so hard to make this happen.  I am anxious to have our loyal clients experience the beauty and comfort of our new salon.  Just "up the street" on 175 Eddie Dowling Highway, the location is convenient.  Make an appointment or just stop by.  Thank you to all of you!   Bob

Hair Emergency

by Bob Spino on 03/21/11

Many people know about medical emergencies, dental emergencies, and car emergencies.  But "Hair Emergencies" really do occur!

I was just about to close the hair salon for the day when I received a desperate phone call from an unknown young woman.  She had decided to do an at home color the night before attending a wedding.  She was in tears!  The color was not what she anticipated.  The wedding was the next day.  She was frantic.  I offered to remain at the salon until she arrived. 

Luckily, I was able to meet the challenge, and she left smiling and confident.   For me... I felt so fulfilled and happy that I was able to help this woman.  (Of course, now she is a regular client.) 

I know that many people try to save money by "doing it themselves"... and it doesn't always turn out so bad.  And still... a professional has the talent, tools, and knowledge that make all the difference.