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Hair Emergency

by Bob Spino on 03/21/11

Many people know about medical emergencies, dental emergencies, and car emergencies.  But "Hair Emergencies" really do occur!

I was just about to close the hair salon for the day when I received a desperate phone call from an unknown young woman.  She had decided to do an at home color the night before attending a wedding.  She was in tears!  The color was not what she anticipated.  The wedding was the next day.  She was frantic.  I offered to remain at the salon until she arrived. 

Luckily, I was able to meet the challenge, and she left smiling and confident.   For me... I felt so fulfilled and happy that I was able to help this woman.  (Of course, now she is a regular client.) 

I know that many people try to save money by "doing it themselves"... and it doesn't always turn out so bad.  And still... a professional has the talent, tools, and knowledge that make all the difference. 

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1. Margie said on 3/21/11 - 09:36AM
Been that woman! I won't make that mistake again. She was fortunate that you were able to help her. I have colored my hair at home for the last time as I made a mess out of it (and the bathroom) last weekend.
2. Kerri said on 3/30/11 - 05:13PM
I love that you have a blog because I know you have enough true stories to keep us all entertained for years! I look forward to hearing new ones, as well as some that I have heard before but look forward to hearing again! xoxo
3. Kaley said on 6/21/11 - 05:00PM
I was in DESPERATE need of a root job 4 days before a wedding and made the terrible mistake of waiting until the last day I had free to make every phone call I could to try to get a partial same day. I called Hair Stage 5 and Bob answered the phone and pleasantly offered for me to come in in 20 minutes. It was the very end of the night and even though I only expected a partial foil and nothing else, he took the time to do a full foil and a cut...both of which were the most amazing Id ever had by the way. Bob is one of the most genuinely pleasant people I have met and will be his client for as long as he's there! :)
4. Helena said on 3/6/13 - 05:25AM
I am a mom of two little girls. It is very hard to find a spot in my schedule to make a salon appointment, thus my haircut was long overdue. Last night I knew my husband would come home earlier. I called Bob and asked if he can fit me in in the evening...he did. He made me an appoinment @ 7:15 pm and worked with great enthusiasm on my hair ike I would be his first client in the day. 2 hours later I was a happy mom again with perfect highlights and a beautiful cut. Bob himself is a really, really nice guy. Thank you for that. You made my day Bob.
5. Florida from N. Dakota said on 5/18/18 - 03:47PM
Bob how much fun did I have while getting an excellent cut? A lot. Thank you it a great experience and cheap! You're selling your skills short. Luv Flo

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